Michaela Knox, Artistic Director

Michaela grew up dancing and performing in Maine. She went on to become a teacher and has been teaching dance since 1999. She received her BA and dance from Dickinson college and her MA in educational leadership from the University of New Mexico. She trained and taught with the National Dance Institute of New Mexico from 2003 to 2012. During this time, she taught and directed dance out reach programs to thousands of children across New Mexico. In 2013 Michaela moved with her family to Durango, Colorado where she formed the original Spark program. Most recently, Michaela has returned to Maine with her family to establish and grow an inclusive dance program in her home state.

Over the course of her career Michaela has worked with students with disabilities in both classroom and studio settings. She recognized that traditional approaches to dance education were not the most effective, when trying to serve all students equally. She felt compelled to create a dance program that could meet the needs of ALL individuals more successfully. While researching, she discovered DanceAbility International which is an  organization that has developed a methodology for teaching dance to people with and without disabilities. This method has been growing rapidly for 30 years and is currently taught in over 40 countries. Michaela is a certified DanceAbility instructor, and she now uses this method in all of her classes.
To learn more check out: www.danceability.com.

Michaela has a deep love and commitment to the individuals she works with. She considers it her life mission to support her students in discovering and growing their own artistic expression thru dance. In her classes there are no wrong choices, and infinite ways to have a success.

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