We are launching a new program to bring Danceability
performances and workshops to schools in Maine!

We’ve developed an in-school Danceability program for K-12 that includes a performance, a short presentation, Q&A with cast and workshop for students.  
We need seed money to make this program happen!!!
Your donation will go directly to making this program possible in Maine. Thank you for your support.

Please help us reach our goal of raising $10,000 for this exciting new program.

 Special thanks to David Vitanza for creating this video! 

2022 After School Artist Express


2022 Fall Adult Danceability Classes


Intro to Danceability Method


At Spark Dance Program, we believe that every body can dance…

…and that every combination of movement and stillness can become the foundation for each person’s unique expression. We are a nonprofit 501c(3) that serves individuals with and without disabilities in Maine. Our classes incorporate the method developed by Danceability International, which enables all people to experience dance together.

Body Speak: A Movement Improvisation Quartet (2021) follows four dancers on a journey of non-verbal conversation.

We’re excited to share our film with you! There is no cost to watch.
We are asking for donations to help us create more performances, films and classes during this challenging time. Your donation makes it possible for ALL people to have access to dance.

Click here to learn more about the making of the film, and hear the inside scoop from our artistic director, Michaela Knox

“We have exciting news! We have almost completed our first dance film, Body Speak, and we’re thrilled to share the trailer with you.

After two years of working with dancers in Maine, Spark was preparing for our first live show last spring – something we were so excited about sharing with the community.  Unfortunately, the pandemic caused us to change course as it became clear that gathering a large group of people indoors for a performance just wouldn’t be possible.  As an alternative, we formed a pod with 4 dancers and adapted one of the pieces to create a short film as a way to demonstrate the power of the work. The film explores themes of isolation, imagination, and the ways we communicate and connect when we express thru movement.

We worked this fall in collaboration with No Umbrella Media and it has been an incredible team effort with the completed film expected by the end of February.

As a friend of Spark, we wanted you to have a sneak peek today and we invite you to attend an early screening session online later this spring. These sessions will include a live Q&A with the director following the screening. Please contact us at if you are interested in attending and we will contact you with more details.

Many thanks for your continued support,


In a Spark class, students will:

  • Learn how to improvise
  • Learn how to dance in a way that feels good and safe to their body
  • Have the chance to create their own moves
  • Get exercise
  • Collaborate with other students
  • Be supported for their own ideas and abilities
  • Be applauded for their ideas and courage in front of the group
  • Get to experiment with different styles of dance and music
  • Get to participate in an “informance” for community and families
  • Be accepted for whatever participation level feels right for them
    (including: being still and/or watching at anytime)

 Can’t join us for the event?

Make a contribution to our programming here

Please contact Michaela by e-mail or at (207) 798-1995 if you are interested in bringing a Spark class to your community!